Activists dismayed at Mekong summit outcome

Fivasenglish, Nyhetsklipp

International Rivers, an environmental and human rights organisation, yesterday released a statement slamming regional leaders’ failure to address concerns over the proliferation of dams on the mainstream Mekong.

“While International Rivers is pleased that Mekong leaders recognise the negative environmental and social impacts that hydropower development poses to the mainstream, we are disappointed that leaders did not condemn the current rush of dam building on the Mekong,” the statement, signed by Southeast Asia programme director Ame Trandem, said.

“We expect all construction on the Xayaburi and Don Sahong dams to end immediately and that no further decisions or actions be taken until the Mekong River Commission Council Study, Vietnam’s Delta Study, and transboundary impact assessments for each project have been completed and the results have been comprehensively reviewed.”

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