The Association for International Water Studies (Fivas) is working to map and spread information on issues concerning water in the global south. We aim to influence national and international policies to maintain the rights of individuals and to protect the environment. Bearing forth the voice of affected groups is central to our work with Norwegian authorities, Norwegian companies and in international networks.

Impacts of hydropower

Dams are among the world’s most controversial infrastructure projects, because of their irreversible consequences for people and the environment. Between 40 and 80 million people have been displaced globally due to dam constructions. Hydropower can contribute to development, but not all hydropower is sustainable. FIVAS maps out the social and environmental impacts of hydropower in developing countries. We monitor projects where Norwegian actors participate and promote sustainable energy efforts that do not compromise on human rights and the environment.

Ensuring access to water and sanitation

Access to clean water and access to decent sanitation are human rights. Each year 1.7 million people die as a result of poor access to water and sanitation services. Half of the world’s hospital beds are occupied by people suffering from diseases related to dirty water. This is closely linked to poor sanitation that pollutes drinking water sources. FIVAS is working to strengthen international conventions and laws, ensuring good public water management, and promoting smart local solutions. We campaign and engage decision-makers to bring about a world where everyone has access to these human rights by 2030.

Your work is needed

Do you want to work to promote access to clean water and improved sanitation? Or do advocacy for people affected by large dam projects? These are some of the important issues FIVAS is working with. We are a small organization with an extensive agenda. An active group of volunteer activists is essential to be able to cover our key issues.
Are you intrested? Please send us an e-mail and we will schedule a meeting to discuss your interests and how you can get involved