Investments in deep water

Investments in deep water The report discusses The Norwegian Pension Fund’s holdings in destructive dam projects.

From privatisation to corporatisation

From privatisation to corporatisation The report explores the development within neoliberal policy on urban water services in developing countries. The report calls for the water justice movement to update and adjust its strategy, in order to counter the neoliberal tactical shift towards corporatisation. Corporatisation reform entails the implementation of commercial neoliberal management principles within public sector water utilities.

In Our Image: Norway’s Role in the Global Hydropower Industry

In Our Image: Norway’s Role in the Global Hydropower Industry The report presents the scope of Norwegian state and public actors involved in hydropower internationally, including publicly-owned Statkraft and the state development finance institution Norfund. The report presents cases and experiences from Norwegian projects in Africa, Latin-America and Asia.

Failure to restore

Failure to restore An assessment of the impacts of the Theun-Hinboun hydropower dam porjects on downstream communities in Laos.

Alternatives to hydropower

Alternatives to hydropower Explores the great potential in modern renewable energy and analyzes how it can be used to avoid the negative environmental and societal consequences that hydropower can have.

Unsettling business

Unsettling business Unsettling business looks at the social consequences of the Bujagali hydropower project in Uganda.